What's Cooking This Week

Can you even believe that we only have two shopping weekends left before Christmas? Not that any of you will need it since I know you all are making this week's delicious recipes for everyone you know. Just don't make too much, I'm handing this stuff out, too!

This week I am focusing on seasoning mixes. You know, that great stuff you see in little packages or jars for $3 to $7 each? Now you can mix it up at home on the cheap. Or do like I'm doing, package it in little bags with printed instructions on them & give it as a gourmet gift. Dinner Babe gourmet, that is.

Monday starts the week out with Southwest Seasoning mix. This is the stuff that I use to make my fajita quesadillas and fajita soup.

Tuesday has us mixing up a Taco Seasoning that rivals what you can get at the store & beats Taco Bell hands down!

Wednesday we are cooking up a traditional sage Stuffing Mix that takes Stove Top by storm.

Thursday we'll introduce my experimental Lemon Herb Mix. It should come out like Devin's Lemon Herb Chicken recipe only faster. You'll have to let me know how you like it.

Friday we round out the week with a Pizza Seasoning mix. Great for whipping up a quick pizza casserole or adding a little Italian zip to store-bought sauces.